Engage your congregation around the moments that matter most

RemindCare helps you follow up with your congregation around life's most important events. By remembering to celebrate an anniversary, remember a loved one, or offer encouraging words around a time of need, your members will feel loved and cared for.

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Clergy are often pulled in many different directions and we sometimes miss the opportunity to reconnect with members around critical events. RemindCare helps me ensure my congregation never feels forgotten or left behind by their church.
Pastor Wayne Alloway Pastor Wayne Alloway St. Mark's United Methodist

How RemindCare Keeps You Connected

  • Record a Life Event

    After meeting with a congregant, easily record the date, topic discussed, and important notes. RemindCare schedules a follow up date for you and gives you the ability to add the date to your calendar.

  • Daily Alerts

    With your follow ups scheduled, RemindCare sends a daily message summarizing the members and events that you need to attend to. You can choose to connect with them personally or delegate to others in your ministry.

  • Easy Engagement

    Information is pulled from your congregation database so you can quickly access address, phone number, and email address of all your members. Contextual prompts for each life event are pre-populated into email and text messages.

RemindCare Benefits

Ensuring that your congregants feel valued and cared for when it comes to their most important life changes and events is vital to your church community. RemindCare makes it simple for you to stay engaged with your congregation by alerting you to follow-up, so no member ever feels left behind.

  • Daily reminders help you spend less time remembering who to follow up with and more time on your ministry
  • Works with all church management software, including ACS, ParishSOFT, Church Community Builder, Shelby Systems, FellowshipOne, (but does not require a CMS)
  • 18 different contextual and customizable messages for text and email communication
  • Dedicated customer support to answer your questions along the way
  • Access member contact information and event history right from your mobile phone
  • Congregations of all sizes can benefit from RemindCare's follow-up and ease of use
  • Securely access member contact information and event history right from your mobile phone. RemindCare will not sell your member contact information to any third parties.


$5.99 Monthly church subscription

$2.99 Monthly for each additional user

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